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Martial Arts Strenght Traning

Many martial arts require very strenuous training which calls for extreme flexibility, reflexes faster than a cat and a pain threshold which is unimaginable. In order to make the transition from couch potato to Kung Fu Master, you’re going to have to do a little more than get in shape and learn how to punch and kick. As these examples show, some training methods practiced around the world can seem absolutely crazy and unnecessary. Some require levels of focus and concentration that seem super-human. Others need a student to display balance and reflexes that seem beyond any human. 


Back to Basics

Strength Training for judo

BJJ Strenght Training

Strength Training for Boxing

MMA Strenght Training

Judo Strenght Training


30(takedown1)perfect Seoi-nage traini

Judo Rubber Band Training Part 1

Korean Judo Class Workout Routine

BJJ Strenght Training

Simple Conditioning Workout

12 Essential BJJ Drills in 2 minutes

DRILL: Leg Drag, Hop Over, Leg Pass, Gorilla Hops

33 Solo Grappling BJJ Drills in 7 Minutes

Boxing Strenght Training

Strength/ Weight Training

Strength Workout Weight Training 

Explosive Power Training & Conditioning Workout

Pro Boxer Strength Training 

MMA Strenght training

10 Best Strength Building Exercises for MMA

8 Top MMA Strength Exercises

High Level Conditioning for Fighters

George St-Pierre's unique training regimen

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