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Intro to MMA

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows both striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts. The first documented use of the term mixed martial arts was in a review of UFC 1 by television critic Howard Rosenberg in 1993. The term gained popularity when, then one of the largest websites covering the sport, hosted and republished the article. The question of who actually coined the term is subject to debate.


Back to Basics

How to Escape the Side Mount

How to Punch to Pass Guard

How to Ground and Pound

How to Sprawl to Go Behind


 Creating Angles with Pressure

Effective 6-HIT striking combo

How to Use Kicks

5 Kickboxing Kicking Techniques


Shooting & Takedowns

Judo Throws

30 No Gi Takedowns

Sambo Throws, Sweeps and Takedowns


Triangle Submission

Gogoplata Submission

Guillotine Submission

Arm Bar From the Guard

Cage Techniques

Cage Fighting Clinches & Dirty Boxing

Cage/Wall Techniques

MMA Cage Tactics

Takedown from the Cage 

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