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Introduction to Judo

Whether you are a novice of the 'Gently Way’ or an experienced judoka, discover or rediscover the principles, basic rules and the philosophy that allows you to win in judo. Through the voice of the International Judo Federation, Neil Adams, judo is made simple to watch and to understand. Enjoy the Judo

Thanks to IJF - International Judo Federation


Back to Basics

Jimmy Pedro

Secret of Throws

Jimmy Pedro

Gripfighting Movement

Jimmy Pedro

Grip Strategy

Judo - The Art of The Throw


Travis Stevens Teaches Drop Seoi Nage

Travis Stevens Teaches One Handed Tai otoshi 

Jimmy Pedro Teaches Kouchi Gari

Jimmy Pedro Teaches Russian Pancake Throw

Chock Holds

Shime waza - Basics of Strangles

Judo Shime waza - Quellmalz choke

3 fancy loop chokes

Clock Choke Variation


Standing armbar in Judo

Juji Gatame when attacking the turtle

5 armbars you should know from guard

Ronda Rousey Demos the "Juji Squish Roll"

Hold Downs

Kesa gatame - in depth instruction

Mune gatame - In depth instruction

Ne waza basics - Tate Shiho Gatame

Sankaku jime from a turnover

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